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What You Need to Launch a Live Streaming Studio

Join production and delivery expert Philip Nelson for this educational (and free) webinar February 14, 2018.

As streaming becomes an essential component of the video production process, professionals need to understand every aspect of “going live”… cameras, lights, microphones, greenscreens, graphics, streaming hardware and software, compression, and CDNs.

Launching a live streaming studio requires a comprehension of the entire streaming media ecosystem, as well a hands-on familiarity with the technology necessary to produce your video… and this webinar will provide you with exactly that.

Join broadcast and production expert Philip Nelson of Nelco Media for an informative, interactive webinar developed to help you successfully launch a live streaming studio.

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018 9:00 a.m. PT, 12:00 p.m. ET

Focused on recording and delivering live video, Nelson will provide technical expertise, offer best-practice advice and detail real-world scenarios… whether you want to stream a local event or professionally produce a web series.


Philip Nelson, President, Nelco Media

Rob Chickering, SVP of Studio Operations for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV and Mercury Radio

Moderator: Cristina Clapp, Content Director, Creative Planet Network

Register here and join us February 14.