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Thinklogical Introduces New Extension Products

Scaling receiver increases performance, simplifies AV system design and integration

MILFORD, CONN.— Thinklogical LLC has debuted several new products that enable the secure transmission of digital video, data and peripheral signals over fiber optic cables at high bandwidth and resolution.

The Thinklogical Velocity 3 Scaling Receiver, the SDIXtreme 6G+ Dual Fiber 4K Extender Module, the eSATA Extender Module and the HDMI Input Card for Thinklogical Matrix Switches are available now.

The Velocity 3 Scaling Receiver offers improved performance and an easier integration by automatically formatting video signals to best fit the display. By enhancing automatic EDID management, the Scaling Receiver is intended for system environments with a variety of displays and sources with multiple resolutions.

It features support for single-link DVI signal, HDCP compliance, extension up to 80km, available support for audio and serial interfaces (3AV+ model), multimode or single mode fiber capability, compatibility with any Thinklogical Velocity transmitter and hot-swappable optical modules for enhanced resiliency. Its configurable text overlay notifies user of active video input and output formats. It requires only a single fiber and is able to multicast signals to various display types with no additional configuration. Its modular form-factor compatible with Thinklogical’s Q-Series chassis, which will be available in 2014.

The SDIXtreme 6G+ dual fiber extenders enable the extension of video signals at 4K resolutions to distances up to 80 km/50 miles, with no latency or loss. They feature four 3G-SDI signals transmitted over two fibers (two 6.25Gbps data streams), multimode or single mode fiber capability. It has a hot-swappable modular form factor and hot-swappable optical modules for added resiliency. It is compatible with the company’s Q-Series chassis, which offers redundant power supplies. It is part of a line of 4K signal extension products that includes modules supporting four single link DVI signals, two dual-link DVI signals, four 1.5G SD/HD-SDI signals and two 3G SDI signals.

The eSATA Extension Module allows compatible hard drives to be securely extended and switched to multiple destinations as part of a KVM infrastructure. Features include: easier implementation of external data storage, support for “big data” applications, a plug and play design using two fibers. It is configurable for multimode or single mode fiber and features extension up to 80km, compact, hot-swappable, modular construction. It is compatible with Thinklogical’s Q-Series chassis, which offers redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and has hot-swappable optical modules for enhanced resiliency.

Thinklogical’s first copper interface input card simplifies the ability to extend HDMI video and audio by eliminating the need for a separate transmitter. It has the ability to configure matrix switch with optical inputs and/or copper inputs and supports sixteen HDMI 1.2 inputs, eliminating the requirement for a separate transmitter when video source is co-located with matrix switch. It is compatible with Thinklogical’s compact, 3RU MX48 matrix switch, offering up to 48 bidirectional ports. For larger installations, it offers compatibility with the VX320 and VX-V320 matrix switches, offering up to 320 x 320 bidirectional system and compatibility with Velocity DVI extension systems.

Thinklogical signal extension products are interoperable with the company’s full range of fiber optic matrix switches and video routers, providing flexible system configurations, ease of integration, and consistent performance.

The new extension products leverage Thinklogical’s Multi-Rate Transmission System technology, which enables multiple data streams of uncompressed video, audio and peripheral signals to be multiplexed and transmitted over a single fiber optic cable to receivers at distances of nearly 50 miles at 6.25 Gbps.