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Sound Devices Introduces New Production Mixer

New mixer offers input/output connectivity and recording flexibility

Sound Devices, a field-production audio and video provider, debuts the 664 Production Mixer, an addition to its line of field and production mixers.

The 664 portable production mixer builds upon the features of the 552 and offers expanded input/output connectivity and recording capabilities, Sound Devices says. Its six input channels have dedicated controls for trim, fader, pan and pre-fade listening. The inputs and four output buses are all recordable, the company says.

“Our customers are looking for more inputs, connectivity, flexibility and power in the field,” said Jon Tatooles, Sound Devices’ managing director. “We have taken the strengths and knowledge gained from our existing mixer line and continue to evolve the technology to meet the growing needs of sound mixers,” he says adding, “The 664 is how we see the future of high-performance field mixers; they need to have recording capabilities in order to be a fully functional tool in the field.”

Sound Devices’ 664 contains six low noise, high-dynamic range transformer-less preamps that accept microphone- or line-level signals and includes analog peak limiters, high-pass filters, input trim control and direct outputs on every channel, the company says. Along with its analog audio paths, inputs 1 and 6 can be selected as AES3 or AES42 inputs for digital microphones, each with its own sample rate conversion for system clocking, according to the firm.

The analog output complement includes four output buses. The L and R buses are on balanced extra long run (XLR), 10-Pin, TA-3M connectors, or unbalanced on TA-3M or 3.5-millimeter connectors, Sound Devices says. Auxiliary output buses X1 and X2 are available on balanced TA-3M connectors. Inputs and buses can be routed to four AES3 connections for eight digital outputs on the XLR and 10-pin connectors, it adds.

The mixer can record up to 10 tracks, 16-bit or 24-bit broadcast WAV files to SD and/or CompactFlash cards, according to Sound Devices. All inputs and outputs are individually selectable, and content can be recorded to either or both cards simultaneously because of its dual card slots, or users can assign individual tracks to each memory card, according to the company.