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Ross Video Releases Latest Version of Legislative Control System

Video system for assembly meetings

Ross Video Legislative Control System

IROQUOIS, Ontario – Ross Video announced the latest version of the Legislative Control System (LCS), which is at the heart of Ross Legislative Solutions. The range of improvements simplifies the control of broadcasting any size legislative assembly.

LCS provides a touch-screen interface to get speakers on air quickly and simply. Even a single operator can manage a meeting with a unified interface without requiring knowledge of the underlying technology, including the Carbonite production switching and XPression graphics systems. The application is designed so that after just minutes of training, anyone can produce a meeting. Such efficiency reduces operational expenditures and provides the ability to manage more meetings with the same number of staff.

“Constituents are becoming more demanding about the quality of broadcasts for legislative assemblies,” said Greg Quirk, product manager for the Ross Legislative Solution. “They expect access to a greater amount of information and are so used to the typical quality of news and sports programming, that an equivalent level is expected for all types of broadcasts, including legislative meetings.”

The new version includes the ability to store meeting files so that a single room can be configured for multiple meetings, which reduces the amount of configuration time required before each meeting.

A simplified configuration interface makes arranging a room or adding in new positions easier than before. Representatives can be assigned to a position using a drop down menu to accommodate unassigned seating or make quick adjustments if a replacement representative is present.

The graphics system dynamically receives information from LCS to provide user-defined representative information. This ensures that all relevant details are correctly displayed.