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RGB Spectrum Teams Up With AVAD

Partnership to offer the QuadView processor line

AVAD, which provides solutions to the commercial installation market, and RGB Spectrum, a provider of videographic processing technologies, have partnered to offer the QuadView processor line, RGB’s latest quad video processing technology.
The QuadView HDx multiviewer features simultaneous viewing of up to four video signals and a live background on a flat-panel display or projector. It accepts input from digital video interface, RGB and high-definition sources, as well as S-video, component and National Television System Committee/programmable array logic formats for the HDxv model.
The company says the QuadView HDx processor supports Web-based control, dynamic window sizing, borders and titling. It also includes high-bandwidth digital content protection and a keyboard, video, mouse option, which enables a user to interact directly with computer sources via a keyboard and mouse.
“With screens increasing in size and the quality of video signals increasing, there is a significant demand for displaying multiple sources on a single display,” said Jed Deame, RGB Spectrum’s vice president of marketing.
The HDx and HDxv support resolutions up to 1920x1080p and 1920x1200p. Built on RGB Spectrum’s parallel processing technology, AVAD says, the QuadView processors are intended for mission-critical applications, such as control rooms, network operations centers, video teleconferencing hubs and security departments.
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