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Rascular Extends Router Life, Provides Web Control With Routemaster

System is suitable for new router installations or increasing existing capabilities

CRAVEN ARMS, ENGLAND— Broadcast software company Rascular has launched RouteMaster, which provides router control and extends life by using TCP/IP to control serial-only routers.

Deploying RouteMaster, users can control an existing router installation from any browser via connected device using Rascular’s web panels. RouteMaster’s support for web-based control panels, built using standards-compliant HTML5 technologies, enables custom control panels to be used on any system, providing unrivalled levels of control flexibility for router installations.

RouteMaster also facilitates the use of low cost hardware panels with any supported routers, and because RouteMaster supports a wide range of protocols, users can upgrade or replace routers without changing either the control system or the hardware panels.

It also supports both serial and TCP/IP connections, so customers can use network protocols to control an RS422 router. This has the advantage that users can extend the number of simultaneous client connections far beyond the number of serial ports available on existing installations, a clear cost saving without technical compromise.

RouteMaster can be used with a wide range of broadcast video and audio routers from the major manufacturers. The flexible system is equally suitable for new router installations or increasing the capabilities of existing systems. It is available in configurations supporting up to 256 incoming control connections, offering simplified cabling compared to conventional serial control expansions.