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RadCam Sport Offers Lightweight, Stabilization for GoPro Camera

Intended to function as pro videographer’s ‘Steadicam’

SIGNAL HILL, CALIF.—Radflight Inc. debuts the RadCam Sport, a robotic, motor-assisted handheld stabilization system for the GoPro 3 digital camera designed to be used by professional and amateur cinematographers.

RadFlight founder Mike Rivard said the company started an online campaign via Kickstarter to raise funds for development of the digital camera stabilizer that would serve the same purpose as a Steadicam system for professional videographers.

The RadCam Sport is powered by a lithium polymer battery that drives two brushless motors and the onboard electronics to create a two-axis gimbal that provides roll and tilt stabilization with no backlash.

The RadCam Sport weighs 1.85 pounds including the camera and battery and is 15 inches long, 12 inches high and 8.5 inches wide. It features multiple handles for a variety of shooting positions, options and conditions. It can be operated with one or two hands, and features a thumb-controlled joystick that enables videographers to track shots on the fly.

Tyler Caros, RadFlight technical director and developer of the RadCam Sport, explained the new system features a live video feed with zero latency that is displayed on a four-inch LED monitor, allowing the operator to see what is being shot in real time.

“It’s the perfect solution for capturing level, vibration-free footage from a GoPro 3 or 3+,” Caros said. “The GoPro 3 has proven itself to be an amazing sport cam.”

Rivard said buyers can go online now and reserve a RadCam Sport at a reduced price. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful in raising the necessary funds, prototypes and DIY kits will be delivered in February 2014, with production models two months later.