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Polecam Debuts the Antelope Pico High-Speed HD Camera

Small POV camera for HD video

Polecam, a manufacturer of camera support and imaging products, recently introduced the AntelopePico extreme slow-motion and live camera system. The small unit is designed to offer extreme slow motion footage and show previously unrevealed details from vantage points where no other camera has gone before. AntelopePico records up to 520 frames per second in native HD.

The system is based on a 2/3-inch CMOS 2K chip that provides high detail and light sensitivity. The camera’s deflickering technology eliminates lighting-related flicker in realtime.The AntelopePico records with 10-bit quality, has 8 GB of built-in storage and uses standard C-mount, PL-mount and B4-mount lenses. It connects to a camera control unit using three coaxial cables. The small camera head measures just 55mm (2.2 inches) long.