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Pixel Power Introduces Low-Cost ChannelMaster Duo Channel-in-a-Box System

Affordable solution for cable access and public channels

Cambridge, U.K. — Pixel Power, a supplier of broadcast playout solutions with integrated graphics, announced the immediate availability of ChannelMaster Duo, a channel-in-a-box system that can deliver two independent channels simultaneously from a single system. Fully compatible with Pixel Power’s ChannelMaster family of integrated playout systems, ChannelMaster Duo lowers the cost of delivering a channel and expands the options available to playout centers and other multichannel facilities.

“Today’s multi-channel playout environment handles a wide variety of requirements, from the extremely dynamic to the very simple,” said Pixel Power CEO James Gilbert. “With the introduction of ChannelMaster Duo, we are dramatically expanding the options available to operators. Pixel Power enables them to more precisely tailor their hardware to suit a given channel. We can effectively halve the per-channel capital cost while better aligning to the needs of many channels.”

ChannelMaster Duo is a two-channel configuration of the popular ChannelMaster system. It provides an impressive list of features including: 2 server ports per channel for A/B mixing, the sophisticated graphics of the world-renowned Clarity engine, master control switching, 4TB local cache storage, and media up/down conversion. ChannelMaster Duo supports mixed format media playback and up/down conversion within a single playlist that can combine HD, SD, MPEG-2 and XAVC formats. Native support for Sony XAVC gives content providers a ready option to move from MPEG-2 to higher efficiency compression. Sophisticated Automatic Event-by-Event aspect ratio correction includes support for custom aspect ratios, further eliminating the cost of additional hardware otherwise required in many transmission chains.

ChannelMaster Duo is fully compatible with, and upgradeable to, any other ChannelMaster configuration including ChannelMaster Clips and ChannelMaster 3D. This adaptability provides customers with tremendous flexibility to address changing needs over time.