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Pilat Media Enhances Functionality of Its ‘IBMS OminCast’

The enhancements take advantage of the system’s built-in workflow automation tools

Pilat Media has enhanced the functionality of IBMS OmniCast, Pilat’s business management solution for next-generation services such as video on demand, over the top television and catch-up TV across all delivery platforms.
The IBMS OmniCast now includes a service matrix that helps media companies unify programming, streamline scheduling and accelerate media preparation for multiplatform services, Pilat says.
With OmniCast, broadcasters can schedule composite content packages once and the system will automatically create offers on each linked delivery outlet, applying appropriate rights checks based on the requirements of each platform and defining the appropriate media for each delivery platform, according to Pilat.
“As broadcast quality media continues to make its way to all consumer screens, broadcasters require sophisticated tools to schedule efficiently across a growing number of media outlets while maintaining brand consistency, maximizing rights utilization and managing the different media formats required by the different platforms,” said Geoff Hutton, Pilat Media’s chief functional architect. “The latest enhancements in IBMS OmniCast provide great benefits to schedulers and take advantage of the built-in workflow automation tools in IBMS to provide new levels of efficiency and control across a multiplicity of nonlinear services.”
As a stand-alone system, IBMS OmniCast addresses everything from acquisition and multiplatform service scheduling to content factory automation and interactive-business dashboards, Pilat Media says. The built-in workflow orchestration capabilities facilitate integration with other systems in the broadcaster’s operations. The new service matrix capability is also available as part of IBMS:OnDemand, an add-on, nonlinear content management module for IBMS-managed environments, Pilat says.
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