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New Mexico PEG Channel Pleased With Harris Broadcast’s Graphics System

Inscriber TitleOne AE helps CLC-TV 20 ‘stand out from other PEG channels’

Like other public, education and government channels, the City of Las Cruces, N.M.’s PEG channel — CLC-TV 20 — operates on a limited budget, yet provides 24-7 programming with a focus on local government including city council meetings and special events.

And it was CLC-TV 20’s budget that kept the PEG channel “to certain price points” when it was seeking a graphics system and helped lead to the selection of Harris Broadcast’s Inscriber TitleOne AE graphics system to produce its on-air video, said Adrian Guzman, Las Cruces’ media operations and production coordinator. “We were very surprised at the low cost of the Harris Broadcast system based on the features and capabilities it provides,” he said.

CLC-TV 20 primarily uses the TitleOne AE for live city council meetings, and its graphics system has provided the PEG channel with more creative freedom to produce a livelier on-air product, according to Guzman. The TitleOne AE system is “a very flexible design, and I can get much more content out of it compared to other systems we evaluated,” Guzman said. The system incorporates the screen’s lower third, thereby providing new life to the screen, he said.

In addition, prior to having the Harris Broadcast system, a separate media player was needed to play the graphics before switching back to the live feed, he added. “Harris Broadcast helped us reduce a step and eliminate an extra device.”

The system can integrate and play out movie files with an audio output direct from TitleOne AE, a capability that CLC-TV 20 previously did not have, Guzman said. “We’re also doing things that I haven’t see on most other PEG channels, such as picture-in-picture,” he said. “Most of these channels also don’t have the crawls and multiple graphics coming in and out at one time, so I think this makes us visually stand out from other PEG channels,” he said.

Based on information from the local cable provider, CLC-TV 20 will be changing to HD broadcasts “fairly soon,” and the TitleOne AE will make that a smoother transition, Guzman said. “As soon as we get that permission, we are pretty much set to go,” he said. “Going with Harris Broadcast ensures that once we are cleared it’s basically down to inputting a few different graphics, everything else will stay the same.”

Click here to access CLC-TV 20’s website.