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Montgomery County Takes to the Field With Shure

Montgomery County (Md.) aces its field audio with Shure mixers.

I’ve been working for County Cable Montgomery since 2012 as the cable program manager, after more than 10 years of producing video around the world in every capacity. 

County Cable Montgomery ― the government access channel for Montgomery County, Md. ― informs and educates residents and businesses about county programs, services and issues. The channel’s programming includes County Council sessions, news conferences, magazine style shows, interview shows, public hearings, panel discussions and a weekly half-hour news show called “County Report This Week.”

Shure FP33 field mixer

The Shure FP33 is the mixer of choice for County Cable Montgomery productions, as it is dependable and easy to use. Despite considerable advancements in technology over the years ― moving from analog to digital to HD and tapeless in the field ― the FP33 is an evergreen piece of equipment that has continued to function seamlessly throughout the metamorphosis from one video technology environment to another.

Much of the equipment in the video world becomes obsolete in a few years. The Shure FP33 mixer is that rare piece of equipment that continues on as a workhorse in productions.

The FP33 is a fixture on our field shoots, since it is simple to operate and has bulletproof reliability. In particular, “County Report This Week” requires a great deal of field production, and it would be more difficult to shoot with a larger, bulkier, more complex and almost certainly more finicky mixer.

As a local cable station with limited resources, equipment like the Shure FP33 is critical to our channel’s success. It offers longevity, reliability and simplicity to help us provide a variety of interesting and useful video programming for our cable and online viewers.

Tracy O’Connor is the cable program manager for County Cable Montgomery in Rockville, Md. She can be reached at Tracy.O’