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Magewell Cards Selected by West Pond

For use in FlexStream MX-100

HUDSON, Mass. — With established solutions targeting the hospitality, digital signage and PEG markets, the product developer West Pond Enterprises was in search of a new capture card in a PCI Express mini form factor for its latest television headend product. The company, which develops products for in-house cable TV, RF and IPTV networks, selected a solution from Magewell to enable high-quality video ingest in its new FlexStream MX-100 Channel Creator devices.

West Pond’s MX-100CC is an all-in-one channel creation and distribution system that combines multiple live and prerecorded video sources into a single transport stream for delivery to commercial or consumer TVs or IPTV set-top boxes. The MX-100CC can also combine a live video stream with HTML5 media to create a custom channel for corporate offices or a house of worship, among others.

When designing the MX-100CC, West Pond required a compact Linux-compatible capture hardware that would enable HDMI video connectivity for their customers. In stepped the Pro Capture Mini MDNI from Magewell, the company said.

“For the small size of the MX-100CC, we needed a capture solution in the PCIe mini form factor with reasonably low power consumption,” said Steve Hastings, president and CEO of West Pond Enterprises. “The video interconnect to our systems must also be as plug-and-play as possible, with users not having to worry about signal formats and compatibility.”

Customers typically capture 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 HD video from devices including cameras, media players and computers. The automatic input signal detection capabilities of the Magewell cards help West Pond achieve its goal of plug-and-play ease of use, the company said.

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