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K-Tek Launches ‘Nautilus’ Microphone Mount

Mount is lightweight, strong and allows for quick microphone changes

K-Tek, a designer and manufacturer of microphone booms and other audio gear, launches the Nautilus Microphone Suspension Mount, which provides maximum isolation with minimum compromise, the company said.

“We saw a need for a modern microphone suspension that not only isolates the microphone, but is lightweight, incredibly strong and allows for quick microphone changes,” said Brenda Klemme Parke

r, K-Tek’s CEO. “We came up with something simple, elegant and it works.”

Inspired by nature’s extended coil design, the Nautilus fits both short and medium length shotgun microphones, as well as smaller cardioid production microphones, K-Tek said.

Rather than depending on traditional elastic mounts or pop-in vertical clips, the Nautilus floats the microphone in a round spring design with horizontal clips that are over molded with rubber to achieve optimum isolation. K-Tek’s Spring Mounts are made from a new ultra-tough, proprietary composite material that is engineered so the microphone can hang suspended, yet has the strength to support the mic’s weight, according to K-Tek.

The spring mounts slide along a T-bar shaped rail and lock in place, and that enables quick microphone changes, thereby providing the sound monitor with versatility of microphone choices, according to the company.

The Nautilus is equipped with four spring mounts, two of which provide tighter tension for heavy microphones, while the remaining two provide less tension for use with smaller, lightweight microphones.

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