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KPTS Reenergizes With NVerzion

New automation and NFinity servers recharge Kansas station

KPTS is a public broadcaster serving Wichita, Kan., and its environs since 1970. A PBS affiliate from its founding, KPTS carries all the beloved national programs one expects in addition to producing its own locally popular content — like the round-table discussion “Kansas Week,” and a local news program with an uplifting message, “Positively Kansas.”

NVerzion worked with station personnel to craft a solution to replace end-of-life automation and video servers. The goal was a system that would address their core needs while maintaining flexibility for future expansion.

This new solution turned out to be an ambitious one for the station, consisting of three new NFinity broadcast video servers and a comprehensive NVerzion automation system, with four workstations running NVerzion control and automation software.

Jessica Rye, KPTS Broadcast Engineer, identified some major improvements over the existing system: “The automation interfaces with the new Myers BXF traffic system, whereas our outdated system did not. The servers have proven to have enough capabilities to handle more than just record and playback … and the ability to use it as a channel with the option to switch between live and recorded content … NVerzion’s Automation system has been a solid foundation with consistency, functionality, and reliability.”

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