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i-Yuno Unveils – Fast Turnaround, Cloud-Based Online Caption Service

Captioning videos affordably

Burbank, Calif. — Although there are many caption vendors in the market, getting video captioned quickly and easily has been problematic and mostly unattainable when using the various services.

That’s all changed due to a new cloud-based service now being offered by i-Yuno Media Group Americas, a veteran captioning and subtitling company located in Burbank, Calif. In business for 12 years, i-Yuno has worked globally with many of the highest-profile video content providers.

i-Yuno’s new service offers the industry’s fastest project turnaround times — from 1 to 3 days, depending on the required service — and the lowest price in the industry: $4 per minute for pure transcription and $6 per min for full-description closed captions that includes speaker ID and sound effects.

Whether short- or long-form video clips are delivered, i-Yuno’s captioning service lets users quickly and securely upload video to the cloud. Users can also upload multiple videos at once.

Once uploaded, the duration of the video is automatically calculated, and subscribers to the service use their credit cards to securely pay. After the order is placed, a project manager will send an email to confirm the initiation of the project, and the customer receives a link to the project. It’s that simple.

Clicking on the link will enable users to export more than 80 different caption file formats or they can choose to use i-Yuno’s cloud-based captions to review or make modifications before they export a file.

“Understanding that content creators and distributors have limited budgets and manpower to dedicate to captioning, the goal is to make captioning of all types of video files [and complying with government mandates] as easy and cost-effective as possible,” said David Lee, president of i-Yuno Media Group. “Ordering services online has become commonplace in virtually every sector of business and this new service is intended to be just as easy to use. The results speak for themselves.”