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ISS Broadcast Gets Lift From Barnfind

Video goes out of this world.

Barnfind BarnOne BTF1-02 converter/processor

Sandefjord, Norway – The German Aerospace Center (DLR) recently selected Barnfind Technologies’ signal transport platform to achieve coverage of the launch of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on May 28. Headed for the International Space Station, the Soyuz carried Alexander Gerst, the third German astronaut to be stationed on the ISS, and two others. German broadcasters, including N-TV, Phönix, BR, and ARD brought the event to viewers around the globe. The broadcast was also available online.

The DLR chose Barnfind’s BarnOne BTF1-02, the company’s flagship unit, to accomplish signal transport and conversion. BarnOne offers many functions and supports numerous different signal formats in one frame. BarnOne’s capabilities include fiber transport, PtP, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, routing, embedding, IP/ASI conversion, distribution, add/drop/pass, HDMI, 4K 60p workflows and KVM capability.

“We are honored that Barnfind’s platform was chosen to ensure that signals were transported properly and delivered safely allowing viewers to share in the excitement of such a historic event,” said Wiggo Evensen, Barnfind’s CEO.

The Columbus Control Centre (Col-CC), located at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, serves as the central European point of distribution for all video from the ISS to the European Space Agency’s facilities, international partners and public affairs agencies. Over a 12-hour period, the Col-CC transferred an HD satellite feed from the launch site as well as HD/SD feeds from the U.S. that were sent over IP directly into a BarnOne BTF1-02 located in the Col-CC machine room. The signals were then converted to HD PAL, and using multimode fiber SFPs, were sent approximately 300 meters to another BTF1-02 in the Broadcast Support area. From there, the BarnOne’s internal matrix and reclocker were used to send HD-SDI to SNG trucks. HD video from a launch event held in the Col-CC lobby was also produced in an external truck and transmitted to the Machine Room using the return channel of the fiber SFP’s on the BarnOne BTF1-02.

The Barnfind solution was delivered by the German partner, SHM Broadcast, in Munich.

“The Barnfind solution was a crucial aspect of the entire event, and we are happy to report that the whole system of hardware and software from Barnfind performed flawlessly throughout,” said Jeremy Mayer from DLR.