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Harmonic Unveils Cloud-Based Transcoding Service

ProMedia Carbon MP converts broadcast-quality video to virtually any standard media format

Harmonic, a producer of video-delivery infrastructure, launched ProMedia Carbon MP, a cloud-based transcoding service for professional applications.
ProMedia is powered by Harmonic’s Rhozet technology and is used in the transcoding engine, the company says. In addition, it enables content creators, service providers and media professionals to quickly and cost-effectively convert broadcast-quality video content to virtually any standard media format, Harmonic says.
ProMedia also enables users to transcode file-based video content in the cloud on an hourly basis, Harmonic says. Users can also access the application’s powerful transcoding engine via a familiar XML API to deploy highly scalable, cloud-based transcoding workflows, the company says. In either scenario, the platform’s rich user interface and flexible API enables users to perform a host of video operations, such as SD/HD and PAL/NTSC conversions, logo insertion, color correction and multiformat closed-captioning processing, according to the firm.
“Harmonic recognizes that service providers and media professionals are looking to the cloud for all types of applications,” said Yoav Derazon, the company’s director of product management for cloud services and transcoding. “ProMedia Carbon MP significantly changes the landscape of high-quality video-format conversion by making it both cost-effective and easily accessible.
“Whether our customers utilize ProMedia Carbon MP to meet ad-hoc transcoding needs, or as a platform for hosting a cloud-based transcoding farm, they’ll be able to greatly improve their transcoding workflow and minimize costs through a pay-as-you-go business model.”