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FCC Seeks Comment on Broadcaster-Related Data Collection Requirements

Use of wireless microphones by some stations among data collections being reviewed

The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing broadcaster-related information collections required by FCC regulations—including data collections of the use of wireless microphones by low-power auxiliary stations—and as part of the review it is seeking comments on the regulations.
On March 26, the FCC posted a Federal Register notice—Information Collections Being Reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission, Comments Requested—that says information collection requirement on the use of wireless microphones by low-power stations is close to expiring, and needs to be extended.
The FCC has petitioned the White House Office of Management and Budget to approve extending the data-collection requirement, and in the Federal Register notice the commission invites the general public and other federal agencies to share their opinions on the regulation.
In addition, the FCC is also seeking comment on the information-collection regulations related to broadcast boundary maps and the promotion of competitive networks in local telecommunications markets.
In the Federal Register notice’s section on wireless microphones, the FCC says it needs to continue to gather details on the use of wireless microphones by low-power stations in order to facilitate the transition of those mics out of the 700 MHz band once that broadcast spectrum band is auctioned for other uses.
In September 2012, the FCC approved auctioning up 300 MHz of spectrum by 2015 and 500 MHz by 2020 to meet increasing mobile data demands. The commission plans to meet those spectrum demands by offering broadcasters incentives to agree to auction part of their spectrum blocks that separate broadcast signals.
The FCC says it needs to continue to assemble facts from broadcasters in order to “address concerns regarding the lack of consumer awareness of the commission’s rules to best ensure the operation of wireless microphones in the core TV spectrum in conformance with the rules.”
That includes information on where wireless microphones were purchased because “the commission anticipates that some wireless microphone users that previously operated in the 700 MHz band will have to purchase or lease new equipment capable of operating in the core TV spectrum.
“The point-of-sale disclosure requirement will help these consumers make an educated decision as they obtain new microphones, and it will help them operate in the core TV spectrum without causing harmful interference to other services in the spectrum,” the notice says.
Click here to access the Federal Register notice.