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Extron’s Multi-Stream Decoding Software Is Available

VNS 104 software can decode and monitor up to four video streams simultaneously

Extron Electronics, a manufacturer of professional audiovisual systems integration products, makes available its VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software that can decode and monitor up to four video streams simultaneously.

Not only can the VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software decode and present up to four video sources, it can also decode an associated stereo audio source streamed from a VN-Matrix 225 or 200 Series Encoders, or a VN-Matrix Recorder, Extron says. In addition, the VNS 104 software includes text overlay and status messaging features, which are valuable for distinguishing between AV sources during operation and system commissioning, the company says.

VNS 104 provides an effective method for monitoring multiple streaming sources in a variety of environments including command and control, after action review, training and simulation and medical or geological visualization, Extron says.

The VNS 104 multi-stream decoding software operates on Windows PCs and is managed as a part of a system by a VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller, according to Extron. The software offers aspect ratio management for VN-Matrix streams, including FILL, FOLLOW and a 1:1 mode that can be applied independently to each decoded source, the company says.

“VNS 104 software provides a convenient, cost-effective solution to decode and monitor one or four streams on a single display,” says Casey Hall, Extron’s vice president of sales and marketing.

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