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ETC Announces New Lighting Console

Gio @5 console is portable and for tighter spaces

MIDDLETON, WI–ETC will expand its Eos family of consoles by introducing a new smaller and portable lighting console–the Gio @5.

The Gio @5 console is a 25.5-inch board consisting of five 60mm motorized faders and associated controls, a master fader pair and a retractable tray with backlit keyboard. A 17-inch touchscreen LCD display is attached and four encoders with haptic feedback are embedded in the Gio @5.

The console allows users to easily add up two to monitors to their setup. Two network ports, one Littlite port and four hardline DMX/RDM ports are included as well. Output capacities allow between 2K and 32K.

“The board has everything a programmer needs to rock small, live gigs – right out of the road case,” says Gio @5’s product manager, Anne Valentino.

The Gio @5 console will support ETC’s upcoming v2.5 software, which builds on the playbacks and effects work of the v2.4 release.

No date has been set yet for the Gio@5’s official release to consumers.