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Cobham Launches Software-Defined Video Transmitter

Bi-directional wireless camera link

AMSTERDAM — Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance recently rolled out the Solo8 SDR, an ultra-small camera-back transmitter that uses software-defined radio technology.

The new Solo8 SDR is a COFDM digital video transceiver with a small form factor and low power consumption (between 5 to 10W). With 128 GB of integrated video storage, the Solo8 SDR includes a video codec that supports dual HD-SDI inputs as well as USB and Ethernet I/O interfaces. The Ethernet interface also supports IP video streaming via RTSP and multicast streaming.

The unit’s low-latency High Profile H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) encoding provides excellent image quality retention over a wireless link or contested IP network. The combination makes the Solo8 SDR an IP encoder, front-end recorder and a COFDM transmitter, all in a single lightweight, compact and portable unit.

The Solo8 SDR can run a range of apps, much like a smartphone, and can on request change functionality to respond to varying requirements in the field. The transmitter also includes an ISM band telemetry receiver that allows return command and control information to be sent to the unit. Command information can be used to control built-in recording and power on/off, and the return data link has sufficient capacity to support commands for a connected camera.