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Camera Corps Launches MeerCat Miniature HD camera

Small HD camera with removable lens

London, U.K. — Camera Corps announced an addition to its range of specialty cameras, the MeerCat. The MeerCat fulfills the need for a high-quality miniature HD camera that can be mounted practically anywhere without being visible to other cameras or to an audience.

Developed in response to demand from sports, reality-television and stage-show producers, the MeerCat is housed in a metal case with a tiny footprint, just 30 x 30 mm, and is only 93 mm in height. Lens protrusion is just 25 mm. High-quality NF-mount lenses are available.

“The MeerCat has been trialed with outstanding success during a series of major international sports events prior to its official launch,” said Camera Corps’ Business Development Director, Shaun Glanville. “It is based on a new imager that delivers video with very wide dynamic range, low noise and excellent color rendition.”

The MeerCat head can be attached to a quarter-inch mount for easy integration into narrow-profile locations such as a sports markers, rugby try-line posts or reality-show props, or can be discreetly located in a studio set. It can also be used as a wearable camera with a full HD live wireless link. Control facilities, including manual iris setting with adjustable electronic exposure, can be performed remotely using the existing range of Camera Corps joysticks and remote panels.

The imager is a high-quality 1/3-inch MOS sensor with 1,944 x 1,092 effective pixels. This can be switched to deliver 1080p, 1080i or 720p video at 50, 59.94 or 60 Hz frame rates. Video is outputted as HD-SDI, which can be converted to an optical feed using a Camera Corps optical fiber interface. Minimum illumination is 1.2 lux at f1.4. Chroma, master black, saturation, gain, shutter, detail, white balance, gamma, speed and exposure, video format and noise reduction can all be adjusted from the remote control panel.

The MeerCat comes complete with a standard Camera Corps power supply and interface that can be positioned up to 30 meters from the camera head. Control signals can be delivered over a standard audio line, allowing the interface to be located a practically unlimited distance from the operator. Up to six MeerCat cameras can be operated from a single Camera Corps remote control panel.