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Buyer’s Guide: Lighting & Camera Support

Latest lights, tripods, batteries and stabilizers


The Zylight F8-200 is an up-rated version of its F8-100 LED Fresnel fixture. Compact for field use, the F8-200 delivers the brightness of a 2,000-Watt tungsten or 400-Watt HMI fixture, but can be powered by AC or two 14.4-Volt standard Gold Mount or V-Mount batteries.

Built on the same chassis as Zylight’s F8-100, the F8-200 includes an active cooling system and collapses to less than five inches thick for easy transport. The portable F8-200 can also be powered by an AC adapter and used on a studio lighting grid. Both the F8-200 and F8-100 feature an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees), a focusing system for spot and flood operations, and an eight-inch Schott glass lens for single-shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping.


The Miller Cineline 70 tripod system includes a new HD Mitchell base, 1-stage alloy tripod and HD alloy ground spreader to complement the Cineline 70 fluid head. The heavy duty tripod features quick setup and includes a high-capacity leg-lock system, deploying turn-lock levers with rapid lock/release action, as well as a heavy-duty Mitchell base with a built-in bubble level. The tripod system has a capacity of 82.7 pounds, providing stability and security when supporting varying rigging configurations.

Completing the system, the lightweight Cineline 70 fluid head, constructed of a corrosion resistant alloy, offers precision fluid drag control with ultra-soft starts, smooth stops and natural diagonal drag transition, as well as counterbalance systems with “all-in-one-location” control layout.


The Lowel PRO Power LED is targeted at run-and-gun location lighting. Its features LED efficiency and wide-focus-range Fresnel lens, which allows lighting from a greater distance. It’s available with a range of mounting and light control accessories, such as barndoors, a gel frame, softbox, umbrella and screw-thread filters.

The PRO Power LED light is available in a number of kit combinations and models, including a tungsten-balanced unit and a daylight-balanced version. The light’s output is comparable to a 200-Watt tungsten halogen fixture with same focus range and beam angle.


IDX Endura DUO-95 battery is aimed at the emerging smaller form-factor cinema cameras and dSLR rigs. Lightweight but still capable of powering a 6.3A/76W load, the battery has dual built-in D-tap connectors and a single built-in USB power output connector. The Endura DUO-95 is compatible with all IDX Endura V-mount chargers and accessories.

The Endura DUO-95 battery has a five-LED power status gauge located on the side of the battery for a quick check of remaining capacity. Attaching Endura DUO-95 batteries to cameras without a standard V-mount connection is possible through the use of P-V2 and P-VS2 adaptor plates, available separately from IDX.


The Manfrotto XPRO fluid head (MHXPRO-2W) comes with the 200PL quick-release plate for easy swapping between photo and video applications. The XPRO fluid head is the only lightweight video head equipped with a fluidity selector that allows the user to switch between hard fluidity for slow tilt movement and soft fluidity for fast tilt movement. These fluid cartridge settings ensure that stable videos can be taken with any lens.

The compact and affordable MHXPRO-2W pan/tilt head is both lightweight and portable. It weighs only 1.54 lbs. and can support equipment up to 8.8 lbs.


The Litepanels Astra EP 1×1 LED light panel is a daylight-balanced fixture with broad and soft light dispersion. The Astra 1×1 features a stable color balance, zero to 100-percent dimming with negligible color shift and a universal (100-240 VAC) adapter. The fixture can also run on 13-24 VDC batteries with an optional V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate.

The Litepanels Astra EP 1×1 LED light panel uses tightly-binned LEDs and Total Internal Reflection optics that result in a longer throw over a wider field. The fixture can also be run either with or without a field-removable cooling fan. The unit can be controlled remotely using an optional DMX module.


The Anton/Bauer Digital G150 battery is a 190 Wh model that uses a Gold Mount. The unit has an easy-to-read LCD display to gauge remaining run-time in hours and minutes. Featuring an ergonomic design using easy-to-hold rubber surfaces, the Digital G150 minimizes fumbles at critical moments and cushions shock.

Inside the Anton/Bauer Digital G150 battery are multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states, providing an extra measure of safety. A “honeycomb” design provides mechanical separation between each cell in the pack to allow for airflow, and to isolate cells from potential cascading damage.


Rotolight Neo is an on-camera or location LED lighting fixture that provides a soft light and a variety of other features. Neo’s bi-color LED system has a CRI of 95+, and its color temperature display makes it easy to find the right look. Powered by AA batteries, AC power and other power options, Neo emits 1077 lux at three feet. The unit has separate controls for both dimming and color temperature.

In addition to providing clean steady light, Neo includes creative light features such as Designer Fade mode for custom fade up/fade down production effects and True Aperture Dimming which accurately calculates the correct aperture (f-stop) for your subject at a given distance. A SpecialFX mode provides customizable lighting effects, such as strobe, lightning, fire, cycle and throb.


With its 8.8-lb. capacity and compact size, the Sachtler FSB 4 fluid head is a good fit for supporting small handheld camcorders and video-enabled DSLRs. Featuring Sachtler’s Snap & Go side-load mechanism, the FSB 4 boasts an unusually long sliding range of 120mm (4.7 inches) for optimum balancing regardless of the camera configuration and accessories

Using the FSB 4’s five-step counterbalance, cameras and accessories can be balanced quickly and precisely. At the same time, the pan/tilt head’s fluid action allows smooth camera motion with adjustable tilt drag.


The GT2542 Mountaineer Series 2 carbon fiber tripod from Gitzo features high modulus carbon fiber in the lower leg sections, adding to their diameters and making the tripod more rigid. The GT2542 has a load capacity of 40 lbs., extends to a maximum height of 66 inches, and folds down to 22 inches for transport.

The center column on the tripod can be removed for ground level set, which enables the tripod to reach its lowest height of 5.9 inches. Its four-section legs are secured with twist locks that incorporate G-lock Ultra, which has an internal O-ring to prevent dust and particles from entering the leg system. The top spider adds rigidity, and a ballast hook on the center column allows you to add weight to increase the tripod’s stability.


The Videssence ViewMe Video Chat Lighting Kit with stands can be used to light yourself or anyone else who desires soft flattering illumination for chat, webinars or other instructional uses. The kit comes with two 3.4-Watt LED lamps with a color temperature of 3,000K and an average life of 50,000 hours. This kit includes stands that allow a bit of creativity in light placement to create various ratios between the two lights. A multi-voltage (120 – 230V AC) power supply is also provided.

The fixture uses Osram/Sylvania HF2 narrow stick LEDs with a CRI of 85. Stand heights adjust from 14 to 20 inches for versatile placement on each side of a computer screen, video-capable laptop or mobile device.


The Ronin-M three-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer from DJI is a camera stabilization system that permits handheld shooting without the hand-shake associated with handheld work. Suitable for most camera types and configurations up to eight pounds, the Ronin-M uses brushless motors that work on three axes: one for side-to-side “roll” to keep the horizon level, one for tilt and one for pan. The system is computer-controlled and features wide tilt and roll ranges.

The Ronin-M features precision control that corrects even very fine operator movements. In addition to handheld shooting, the gimbal can be used in vehicle mounting scenarios and other contexts where vibration or other abrupt movement would make tripods and rigid camera support systems unsuitable.