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Buyer’s Guide: Furniture, Racks & Consoles

Unique sit/stand consoles, low-profile models and technology-ready furniture systems

Winsted Impulse Dual Sit/Stand


Winsted says humans “are meant to move.”

The company’s new Impulse Dual Sit/Stand consoles are a suitable choice for an ergonomic upgrade. The company highlights their ergonomics and operator comfort in two independently adjustable, curved work surfaces.

“Studies have shown that too much sitting can be detrimental to your health,” Winsted said. “Sitting all day can result in lower metabolic rate, retention of fat and decreased muscle activity. Standing all day is not good either, as it may cause low back pain, swelling of the feet and muscle fatigue.”

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the workday is ideal, Winsted said. Being active during the day is important to maintaining good health; shifting between sitting and standing is a healthy activity that increases energy and reduces fatigue.

Sit/stand consoles provide adjustability to meet the needs of each individual operator. The dual work surfaces adjust from 30 to 46 inches high at the touch of a button. Both work surfaces feature two electric-lift legs and can support 520 pounds.

TBC ControlTrac LT

Standard Impulse consoles include Graphite Nebula laminated work surfaces with the company’s Safeguard Edge. For added versatility, Impulse consoles come with the Versa-Trak monitor mounting system. Consoles can be used as stand-alone workstations or combined to create a custom configuration. Visit


TBC’s new ControlTrac LT is a technical furniture solution for network operation centers, command and control, video production, and security facilities.

ControlTrac LT provides most of the features of the company’s IntelliTrac console in a smaller form factor; it describes it as a highly adaptable, lower cost console system. Overall depth decreases from 48 to 36 inches, while increasing the available rack height in base. “This provides ample space for mounting CPU towers in base when remote applications are not possible,” TBC states.

Forecast MasterVision

A new increased-depth rear monitor “Trac” allows for infinite combinations of multiple monitors from 20 to 80 inches.

ControlTrac LT is configurable with an array of TBC accessories and expansion kits. Visit


Forecast Consoles introduced MasterVision, a customizable, low-profile console system targeting control rooms, network operations and monitoring centers; it can also be customized to fit other technologically demanding environments.

“With a shallow base structure and reduced overall footprint,” the company said, “MasterVision maximizes room space while providing an ergonomically functional solution to operators working with touch-screen monitors and equipment.”

Monitor deep drop-wells and reduced turret profiles allow clear sight lines when stacking multiple monitors, making the system suitable for applications that use multiple monitor arrays. Wiring and integration are clean and efficient with continuous cable trays and multiple options for integrated power distribution. Wiring and service are aided by quick release front/rear panels and tool-free removable turrets and drop-wells. MasterVision is available with full bases for full-sized PCs or raised half-bases for mid and small form factor PCs. Raised half-bases provide unobstructed clear space under the consoles.

Removable turrets are available in various sizes and profiles to fit a range of rack equipment. Monitor drop-wells come in multiple widths to accommodate various monitor sizes. The line features front and rear extruded aluminum rails for easy attachment and reconfiguration of accessories including monitor arms, speaker platforms and task lights. The base structure can be outfitted with removable rack cages to accommodate standard rack equipment and quick-release platforms for PCs and other flat-mounted equipment. Visit

Mid Atlantic Hub


Middle Atlantic Products launched Hub, a “technology-ready” furniture system that promises to maximize equipment storage and cable management and support easy integration. The company said Hub is suitable for “unified communications and collaboration environments including huddle spaces, active learning spaces and videoconferencing applications.”

Each Hub comprises a tabletop featuring a Wiremold InteGreat table box providing power and data for easy integration. These are supported by a TechPed technology pedestal, with integrated Lever Lock plates for small device mounting and two Wiremold HDMI cable retractors to facilitate connectivity. TechPed ships assembled and includes 4RU of space, with room for additional cable retractors and power distribution with a four-outlet power strip.

Hub includes a wall-mount bracket for flat-panel displays with an additional four-outlet power strip that mounts to the table bracket for connections close to the display. An optional tower, available in black or white, can be used to mount displays directly to the table in a freestanding configuration.

Customers may choose from a range of table configurations. Hub’s tabletop is available in two design options: Angle, a trapezoidal shape for videoconferencing, and Bullet, rounded at one end to enable face-to-face collaboration. Several lengths are available. Visit

FSR ceiling boxes


The CB-224 series from FSR Inc. is a 2-by-2-foot high-capacity ceiling box designed to fit into a standard 2-by-2-foot or 2-by-4-foot drop ceiling. It features a drop-down 4 RU cage for installation and mounting of equipment. Cable guides for service loops are provided to allow equipment to be connected in the down position and then slid up into place.

The drop-down cage features pneumatic assistance to counter some of the weight of installed equipment. The CB-224 has six AC outlets in the box and one in the room. A master power switch is accessible from the room.

The “P” option adds an adapter for projector pole mounting. This allows cabling to pass from inside the ceiling box, down the pole and to the projector, providing a nice clean installation.

The “S” option adds cooling fans and the Smart Power module. This module allows the power in the box to be remotely controlled or switched based on the current draw of specific outlets. In this energy-saving mode, power in the box is switched on and off automatically with the projector to conserve power.

An optional rack rail hardware kit adds two more rack spaces at the rear of the cage for cable management and mounting of accessories. There are a variety of accessory internal mounting brackets.

Also available from TSR is the TS-400 Top Shelf Wall-Mounted Enclosure, intended to be installed at the ceiling; it can accommodate up to 4 RU of equipment plus space to mount AC receptacles, AV interfaces and signal termination plates. Visit