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Broadcast Pix Unveils ‘Granite X’ Series of Live Video Production Systems

‘Granite X is the new flagship product line for Broadcast Pix’

Broadcast Pix unveiled its Granite X Series of live video production systems, which are designed for large-scale live productions and accessing cloud-based content and the hardware and software of which enhance integration from ingest to delivery.

The three new Granite X models all support 22 cameras and seven channels of files, which flow into the system through watch-folders from local and cloud-based sources, Broadcast Pix says. Enhanced monitoring with more full motion windows across four monitors complements the integrated production toolset, the company says. In addition, up to three composited outputs with patented low constant latency can be delivered for multi-screen broadcast, streaming and live events, the firm says.
Beyond the traditional live cameras and file-based studio content, today’s live video production environment needs to accommodate cloud-based content from a variety of online sources, according to Broadcast Pix. Granite X ingests files, even during live production, from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, and other cloud-based resources, enabling content to be contributed from anywhere, the firm says.
Granite X can also connect on-air graphics to content from Twitter, RSS Feeds, calendars, and clocks, while cloud-based databases can be accessed for sports and election coverage, the company adds.
“Granite X is the new flagship product line for Broadcast Pix,” said Steve Ellis, the company’s CEO. “It delivers the features and reliability that broadcasters, sports, large live venues and other major installations require. With its integrated production tools and workflow, Granite X minimizes crew requirements to produce highly compelling live video.”
Rather than one panel, a Granite X system can be controlled by multiple Broadcast Pix panels of any type, such as two for outputs feeding projectors and one for streaming, the company says. The Granite X Fluent-View supports four monitors with full motion input/output windows for four outputs, 16 external inputs, and internal clips.
Windows are also provided for additional external and internal sources, all key layers, file libraries, status of incoming files, and Tweet pre-screening, Broadcast Pix says. The Fluent-View is completely customizable, as each window can be independently sized and replicated across monitors, the firm says.
All Granite X systems have an integrated two-part chassis comprised of a switcher and a server. The switcher accepts 22 HD/SD-SDI inputs and eight channels of file-based content, including clips, animations, and graphics, and has 12 HD/SD-SDI and two DVI outputs, and the server holds up to 180 hours of clips and includes a Harris Inscriber CG.
The Granite X Series systems will be available in May, Broadcast Pix says.
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