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Bradley Engineering Introduces Tiny Wireless Camera Controller

Control broadcast cameras remotely

Las Vegas – U.K. manufacturer Bradley Engineering recently introduced what may be the world’s smallest wireless camera control system. Bradley’s RD 12 is a small camera control unit (CCU) for Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic and Bradley cameras. At 100 grams, it is the smallest of its type, and possibly the smallest and lightest in the world.

The RD 12 controls all camera parameters including iris, tally, red gain, blue gain and pedestal. Some neat features set it apart – trim styling with a silicone rubber seal that feels good to hold, and clear LED lights to confirm that the unit is on, and show the set-up and performance.

The RD 12 has one single cable for power and data. This connects to the back of the camera, so no battery is needed, and there is very little extra weight on the camera. The unit is frequency-agile and operates in the license-free zones with user selectable channels.

The RD 12 receiver is used with Bradley’s RD 11 transmitter, which can control up to four cameras at distances of several hundred meters. In addition, Bradley’s RCP3 remote control panel can control up to 99 remote and miniature cameras.

The RD 12/RD 11 system is designed to carry the reverse data for touchline cameras in live sport, or to control UAV cameras in live filming, where weight is critical.