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Blonder Tongue, Monroe Electronics Collaborate on Emergency Alert Management Solution

EQAM-420B EdgeQAM with EAS and One-Net SE deliver customized local information

OLD BRIDGE, N.J. —Digital video solution provider Blonder Tongue Laboratories and emergency alert system manufacturer Monroe Electronicshave created an emergency alert information and distribution platform that does not require a set-top box.

Monroe Electronics’ One-Net SE emergency alert system has been integrated with the EQAM-420B EdgeQAM with EAS from Blonder Tongue, enabling cable operators to deliver customized, local emergency alert information to viewers.

After receiving emergency alert information, Monroe Electronics’ One-Net SE generates a customized EAS message and transmits the information to the EQAM-420B with EAS for distribution into the television system. The EQAM-420B with EAS features a dual Gigabit Ethernet input and a QAM coaxial output with a separate Ethernet management port, simplifying network connections. The EdgeQAM aggregates multiple programs received in IP format and delivers them over a standard coaxial distribution network. Standard programming is replaced with full-screen text, video, and accompanying audio to ensure an impactful reception.

Based on a modular design, the EQAM-420B with EAS is scalable, providing operators with a flexible solution. An intuitive Web-based interface simplifies setup and operation, and remote monitoring and control can be performed via a comprehensive user interface compatible with standard browsers.

Controlled by a Web browser interface, the Monroe Electronics One-Net SE is FCC-certified and IPAWS conformant. Optional AM/FM/NOAA internal receivers allow radio inputs for monitoring standard over-the-air EAS alerts. Using tiered security enables multiple, simultaneous users, and a text-to-speech functionality automatically creates a voice to accompany text messages.

Blonder Tongue’s EQAM-420B with EAS supports up to 64 MPEG-2/H.264 single program transport streams or 16 multi-program transport streams. Each program can maintain up to one video and two audio elementary streams. The IGMPv3-capable solution can be configured with one to four modules, each with four adjacent QAM channels for a total of 16 (40 dBmV). PMT and PID values are passed through without changes to ensure accurate program information. The EdgeQAM solution also features a soft, IP-enabled EAS trigger and SNMPv2 support for product and network management.