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BizVision’s Videographers Available For Production

Organizations can engage video professionals for webcasting, video streaming of events

BizVision, a provider of long-distance and video learning, has made available its nationwide network of professional videographers who are trained to provide webcasting and video streaming services for organizations of all sizes on the company’s turnkey, cloud-based video solution.
BizVision, which managed more than 10,000 hours of video webcast events during 2012, provides professional associations, educational institutions and organizations of every size with instant infrastructure to stream or record conferences, events and training sessions anywhere.
With online video established as a preferred medium for distance education and training, BizVision’s services and solutions have been optimized for companies and organizations that need to enlist only periodic help from video and webcast teams for mandated trainings and professional development, as well as other presentations.
“As video has fast become a valuable medium for communication and online learning, we have streamlined the cost and process of capturing live learning events to provide organizations with a single solution,” said Rob Chipman, BizVision’s president and CEO.
“By being able to provide local production resources in all 50 states, our videographer network helps our clients overcome what has traditionally been a major hurdle in remote video webcasting and recording,” Chipman said. “Our internal video production expertise has enabled us to fully grasp the intricacies of webcasting and multiply the effectiveness and revenue of our clients,” he added.
The BizVision platform offers complementary functionality beyond live and on-demand webcasting, including registration with e-commerce, question and answers, live chat, closed captioning, tests and certifications, advanced participation reports and synchronized slides. BizVision’s comprehensive technical platform has no startup costs, no minimum usage requirements and no exclusive commitments.