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Bannister Lake Unveils ‘BL Alert Tracker’ Emergency Notification System

Sends alerts over television, digital signage, mobile devices and Web platforms

Bannister Lake Software Inc., a provider of professional video graphic display solutions, unveils the “BL Alert Tracker,” an emergency notification system for television broadcasts, digital signage, mobile devices and Web platforms.

BL Alert Tracker offers complete control and flexibility over a variety of alerts, including the Emergency Alert System, AMBER alerts, weather, news and other event and information notifications, Bannister Lake said. The Web-based content management interface combines automated data retrieval with manual text insertion and supports the inclusion of images, according to the company. All alerts automatically expire after a period of time to ensure accurate, timely information distribution, Bannister Lake said.

In an emergency, broadcasters, government offices, schools, and interest groups have only a few minutes to share emergency messaging with the public, Bannister Lake said. However, “BL Alert Tracker’s simplified interface can group alerts by topic or location,” said Georg Hentsch, the company’s president.

“The solution is powerful enough to include in-line modification and spell checking tools, smart enough to prevent stale messaging and streamlined enough to make the alert creation process simple,” Hentsch said. “It’s the perfect set and forget solution,” he added.

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