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Analog Way Intros Pulse2

Mixer/ native matrix switcher is built on MidraTM platform

ANTONY, FRANCE—Analog Way has debuted a new versatile mixer/matrix switcher: the Pulse2. Pulse2 is based on Analog Way’s new Midra platform, the core of a line of mid-range mixers/seamless switchers.

The Pulse2 offers some features inherited from the LiveCore series, Analog Way’s range of premium presentation mixers.

The new Pulse2 benefits from several major improvements, as compared to the original Pulse.

Pulse2 comes in a 2RU enclosure with a deeper chassis, ensuring better air circulation and cooling.

The product also offers eight seamless inputs and 14 input plugs: 4 x Universal Analog, 4 x DVI-D, 4 x HDMI and 2 x 3G-SDI plugs. Thanks to the CleanCut effect, the Pulse2 can seamlessly switch between its 14 input plugs without fade through black or loss of sync.

EDID management is now standard for inputs one through six for computer sources. Pulse2 features a matrix mode with two outputs. Pulse2 offers custom output format management for any display resolution.

Thanks to optimized programming and a new architecture, the Pulse2 offers seamless switching with a 50 percent speed gain in control parameter response. The de-interlacing process was also improved.

Pulse2 offers two frame layers, with background and foreground positions, and the Quick Frame function can hide layers.

Preset management was also optimized, and the Pulse2 offers Swap and Split functions. Available using hot keys, these functions allow users to switch between a PIP and a live background source or the display of two PIPs side-by-side on a colored or frame background.

New assets available on the Midra generation also include advanced management of audio and embedded audio. The Pulse2 can embed or de-embed digital audio on HDMI and DVI-D connectors on inputs and outputs.

The signal to noise ratio was improved, and fine-tuning of the gain on analog signals can be made through a comprehensive audio section on the machine user interface, while the routing mode enables any input’s audio to be associated to any output.

It also features the RCS2, a graphic interface inspired by the Web RCS of the LiveCore series.

The RCS2 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux and offers Setup, Edit and Live to setup and control the Pulse2.

For audio control, the RCS2 includes a potentiometer and a VU meter.

The Midra series can also be controlled by Analog Way’s remote controllers, including Orchestra and Vertige (available 2014).