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Analog Way Debuts QuickVu

Tri-Scaler mixer/ switcher offers a variety of connectivity options

Analog Way introduces QuickVu, a mixer/ seamless switcher with three scalers.

QuickVu is based on the company’s MidraTM platform, which the core of a new line of mid-range mixers/ seamless switchers. The platform consists of six products: QuickVu, QuickMatriX, SmartMatriX2, Pulse2, Saphyr and Eikos2.

The QuickVu offers a variety of connectivity, through eight seamless inputs and 14 source plugs: four Universal Analog, four DVI-D, four HDMI and two 3G-SDI plugs. Because of the CleanCut effect, the QuickVu can operate fast and seamlessly switch between any of its input plugs without fade through black or loss of sync. EDID management is now standard for inputs 1 through 6 for computer sources.

To fit any display resolution, including LED walls and rear-projection cubes, QuickVu offers custom output format management, with a main layer fully resizable and that can be positioned anywhere. QuickVu provides the ability to modify the program in real time without using the preview.

Thanks to the new “Quick Frame” function, a foreground frame, among eight available, can hide all other layers when necessary; a button push allows return to the previous display. For immediate results, the “Quick Frame” is displayed directly on the program output, without using the preview. QuickVu offers eight presets from the front panel.

The “Keying/Titling” function will be available through the RK-350 Keypad, which also controls the mixer/switcher.

The QuickVu can easily embed or de-embed digital audio on HDMI and DVI-D connectors on inputs and outputs, ensuring better processing and quality of the video and audio mix.

QuickVu can also be controlled through the RCS2, a graphic interface for the MidraTM platform. As an AIR application, the RCS2 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It offers three main sections for setup and control: Setup, Edit and Live.

The Orchestra remote console can also control QuickVu.