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Alaska PBS Station Deploys Tektronix’s ‘Sentry’ Video Monitoring System

The system monitors content for video or audio errors

KAKM-TV, the Public Broadcasting System station serving Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska, has selected Tektronix’s “Sentry” video quality monitor to help ensure that the stations’ programming is broadcast error free.
Sentry’s advanced monitoring capabilities enable the early detection and diagnosis of video and audio errors can help broadcasters like KAKM-TV to fix the underlying issues causing the errors, says Tektronix, which produces testing, monitoring and analysis systems for broadcast video.
KAKM-TV has deployed a Sentry system at its main broadcast facility in Anchorage where the station receives, via satellite, PBS programming in both standard definition and high definition. The system monitors the ingested content to identify any video or audio errors before broadcast, Tektronix says.
Additional Sentrys have been installed at KAKM-TV’s transmission sites in Fairbanks and Juneau. At those locations the systems monitor for audio and video errors that may have occurred during transport from Anchorage by fiber, Tektronix says.
“As a viewer supported station we always strive to provide the highest quality programming content and to deliver it to our viewers with the best possible picture and sound quality,” said Bob Wyatt, KAKM’s chief technology officer. “With Sentrys deployed at key locations we’re able to proactively ensure quality by keeping a round-the-clock eye on all of our programming, which is something we couldn’t do before,” he said.
Like all PBS stations, KAKM-TV prides itself on service excellence, and deploying Sentry as their content monitoring solution demonstrates their dedication to programming by providing “the best possible picture and sound quality,” said Eben Jenkins, general manager, Video Product Line, Tektronix. Sentry’s “ability to identify the most elusive video and audio errors is ideal for broadcasters like KAKM TV, which view quality as a never ending commitment,” he said.
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