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‘Melita’ and the Emergence of Cinematic VR

"A combination of cinematic movement, character development, actors, and dialogue."

Directed by

Nicolás Alcala

, “‘Melita’ is a beautifully animated story that plays out in a dystopian near-future, with a world in a full-swing climate catastrophe. In that world, humans work together with artificial intelligence-powered humanoid robots to find humanity a new home,”

writes Janko Roettgers


“‘Melita’ features a number of wide shots followed by dramatic camera movement to take you up and close to the action, or transition from one scene to another. Motion also plays a big part within individual scenes, where slow drifts of the camera add to the emotion, and visualize how a world is fading away before the viewer’s eyes. That type of cinematic language hasn’t often been used in VR, much less in animated VR.” To read the full article,

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“What really sets


apart from other VR experiences is a combination of cinematic movement, character development, actors, and dialogue,” says Alcalá. “The experience pushes the boundaries of VR cinematic narratives and visually appears as though the viewer has been placed inside any of your favorite animation films.”

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