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'The Deserted:' Rethinking VR Cinema

"(With VR) even though I'm the filmmaker, I'm also a viewer, placed in a 360-degree space."
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"The feeling that VR gives me is less like film and more like theatre, a theatre of life,"

artist Tsai Ming-liang tells Patrick Frater

, discussing his new VR project,

The Deserted.

"Traditional film techniques such as picture composition, enticing facial close ups and the construction of a narrative using editing are all irrelevant to a VR film. The viewer is placed in a scene and allowed to look freely at the virtual surrounding. To a filmmaker who is used to the language of film, it could feel a little debilitating.

"The focus of my thoughts are (normally) on how to present my content, how to capture the attention of the audience and how to keep them calm and attentive to what I am trying to express. This is extremely difficult but important to overcome. (With VR) even though I'm the filmmaker, I'm also a viewer, placed in a 360-degree space. I need to consider the best position from which to view the scene. In other words, where to place my camera and the objects, including the actors, around it."

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Tsai Ming-liang on the Craft of VR Filmmaking

Tsai Ming-liang Tests Story and Technology in

The Deserted

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