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Why This Might Be the Year of 360 Video After All

"Advertisers who dismissed 360 as a gimmick should give it another look."

“Looking back, in 2015, YouTube launched what seemed to be a half-step between traditional video and virtual reality,” recalls Matt Lopez in the article “Why 2017 is the Year of 360 Video.”

“The introduction, 360-degree video, let viewers see into the frame. If the video filmed a concert, then viewers could turn the camera to see the sky or look at people in the audience and then pan back to the stage. Later that year, Facebook introduced its own version of 360. CEO Mark Zuckerberg dubbed it a ‘step towards even more immersive experiences.’

“In the intervening two years or so, 360 hasn’t set the world on fire,” Lopez admits. “In 2017 though, that is changing. Snapchat’s recent backing of 360 has given the technology a second wind. Advertisers who dismissed 360 as a gimmick should give it another look because 360 offers better engagement than standard video ads and is a gateway for VR, which is on its way to going mainstream.” To read the full article,

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