Is the Popularity of VR Arcades Bad for the Medium?

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The popularity of virtual reality arcades and conventions, like VRLA, has its upsides and downsides when it comes to the future of the medium.


Long lines plague many venues... and people will start getting frustrated if they associate VR with standing around and waiting for something that can be perceived as a letdown once they get inside the headset," explains TV[R]EV's Cortney Harding. "Beyond that, many of these arcades are really only meant for a single visit. They’re well-designed and the tech is amazing, but they feel sterile and off-putting — you don’t want to hang out for very long...The key is to make sure in-home VR rises just as quickly as arcades. Getting headsets like the Gear or the Daydream into as many hands as possible, and creating as much great content for those platforms, is the only way this succeeds."

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