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Tribeca VR Film ‘Arden’s Wake’ Is a “Captivating Experience” Unlike Any Other

New 15-minute animated film

Arden’s Wake

, from VR studio Penrose Studios, is an emotional journey into a young girl’s search for her father that lets users get up close and personal with an astounding array of details. Says VR Scout’s Kyle Melnick of the experience, “

Put simply, it’s an unbelievably imaginative world that keeps you constantly enthralled with gorgeous scenery, relatable characters and a plot that keeps you guessing. However, what truly makes this captivating experience shine is its immense attention to detail.”

Melnick goes on to explain that it’s Penrose’s proprietary collaborative software, Maestro, that has helped the team develop such an immersive world. “Quickly I began to understand how Penrose was able to craft an experience as creative and intricate as

Arden’s Wake,”

he writes

. “

Giving team members the ability to actually enter a live scene in VR and communicate with one another as they take notes allows for unrestricted collaboration. It’s all about the company’s commitment to transition itself into what they call ‘native VR thinkers and creators.’ Basically they believe that the only way to deliver a better VR experience is to create it in VR. If Arden’s Wake is an example of that intuitive methodology, then I’m all for it. The captivating adventure has excited me more for the future of virtual reality than anything I’ve seen so far this year.”

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Arden’s Wake

is now screening at Tribeca Film festival and is expected to be released on a variety of VR platforms later this year.