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6 March Madness Games Will Be Available in VR

The NCAA has partnered with Intel, Turner Sports and CBS Sports to bring six of the March Madness games, including the semifinals and finals, as full VR experiencs.

Available for Samsung Gear VR, viewers will have the option of the gold tier ($2.99 per game, and $7.99 for all six games), which includes a fully-produced experience with multiple cameras and dedicated VR commentary and analysis. The silver tier ($1.99 per game) includes a single stationary camera and the same commentary as the CBS broadcast.



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Charging to view games in VR is a departure from the model taken by other broadcasters like FOX Sports, which typically just requires VR viewers to authenticate with their cable account. But if the fully produced experience is much better than VR streams that just provide a stationary camera and pull audio from the TV broadcast, it could convince fans to open their wallet and change the entire business model of VR streams.”

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