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Jordan Wolfson Creates a Powerful, Brutal VR Art Piece By Taking Away Interactivity

Artist Jordan Wolfson’s VR piece

Real Violence

, now on exhibit at the Whitney Biennial, is a brutal, sensational and, ultimately, unforgettable piece that has the art world buzzing. 

In the two minute video, Wolfson is seen violently and unrestrainedly beating another man to a pulp. The viewer has no choice but to watch the horrific scene unfold in front of him or her without being able to do a thing about it.

“One of the problematic things with a medium like VR is that through its nature, people call it an experience,” Wolfson tells ARTnews. “An experience means that something is hypothetically interactive. And I don’t think that interactive things make for good art…If I’m going to do this I need to purge the interactivity. I did it through creating a distorting experience physically and a distorting experience contextually.”

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