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New Study Shows that Most Millennials Will Embrace VR/AR/A.I. in the Workplace

Dell’s new Future Workforce Study found that millennials view the workplace differently than older generations, and are also more likely to consider tech implications when taking a new job. The study also found that millennials expect emerging technologies, like VR, AR and A.I., to affect their work in the very near future.

Nearly 42% of millennials said they’d quite a job if the workplace didn’t meet their tech requirements, while only 14% of baby boomers felt the same. 80% of millennials said available technology influenced their decision to take a position in the first place compared to 53% of baby boomers.

Meanwhile, 68% of millennials are willing to use VR/AR products at work, compared to 55% of generation Xers and 42% of baby boomers. A whopping 70% of millennials think that A.I. would make their job easier.

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