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Get Interrogated by Dennis Haysbert in Syfy’s ‘Incorporated’ VR Experience

To promote its futuristic thriller


, Syfy created a pop-up VR experience that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con in which users got interrogated by star Dennis Haysbert.

Welcome to the Quiet Room 

was created by Digital Domain and used plate photography to create the live-action experience. Comic-Con visitors were led to a room that looked virtually similar to the soundproof one they found themselves in once they put their HTC Vive headset on.

“We went on location and shot Dennis Haysbert live on a green screen stage and then used our internal system to make a narrative in the real-time space. You’re actually watching the performance, but you have the position of ability to move your head,” explains Aruna Inversin, creative director and visual effects supervisor of virtual/augmented reality at Digital Domain, to


. “I don’t think anybody has done it to the extent that we have yet—putting in moving plate photography into a real-time environment. Most of the time, I think it has been about capturing a 360 video and putting it in a sphere. This is a more game-centric approach toward building a narrative.”

“The future of VR isn’t necessarily with monoscopic video, even though I think there might be a need for it for broadcasts and livestreams,” he adds. “In terms of the interactive narrative and storytelling, you’ll get a much more impactful presence on the consumer marketplace with positional tracking. Even the ability to move your head just an inch gives you that nuance like you’re there.”

Read the full story here and watch the 360-degree version of the VR experience below.