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Vimeo Adds 360-Degree/VR Capabilities

Vimeo has finally caught up to YouTube in offering the ability to upload and view 360-degree/VR videos.

Creators can upload resolutions of up to 8K, customize field of view, create outros and more. Vimeo has also released a dedicated

360 Video School

channel to provide lessons and tips for shooting in 360 as well as a

curated 360-degree channel

 to highlight the best work.

To use it, upload your video and ti

ck the “This video was recorded in 360” box at the bottom of the page. After ticking the box, a dropdown with monoscopic or stereoscopic (top/bottom layout) will appear, which refers to your source file. The Vimeo player will also pick up on 360 metadata to optimize the settings. Once you’re ready to embed the video, you’ll have a 360 badge and compass icon appear on your video.

Read more about how Vimeo 360 works 


on their blog.