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Patagonia Seeks to Preserve Utah National Monument Bears Ears with 360-Degree Videos

Outdoor sports company Patagonia has launched a series of ten 360-degree films to raise awareness about Bears Ears, the Utah national monument designated by President Obama that is now at the center of controversy as Utah governor Gary Herbert has recently challenged the designation. Patagonia’s videos are designed to introduce a larger audience to the significance and beauty of Bears Ears.

“We had done some work with Google 360 technology a couple of years ago, but here we thought it could really bring this story and place to life in an exciting new way,” Patagonia VP of marketing Cory Bayers tells

Fast Company

‘s Co.Create. “It’s as close as we can get people there without actually being there, to get them to understand what kind of place this is, what we’re trying to protect for all Americans…The goal is super simple, to share it with as many people as we can to help them to understand what’s at stake.”

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