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Samsung’s Monitorless Could Solve AR’s OS Problem

Samsung’s prototype augmented reality Monitorless could be the OS that turns everything around for both AR and VR.

As Fast Company’s Co.Design explains about how they work, “T

he glasses look something like

Snap’s Spectacles

. They’re an extra-thick pair of Ray-Ban knock-offs that put a display in each eye. But the clever part is how they’re thought to work. The glasses connect via Wi-Fi to your phone, so you can see screens from your phone floating right in front of you. Then, your phone can connect via 4G to your computer. So if you’re at your desk using Photoshop, maybe you’ll just use it as usual with your desktop monitor. Or maybe you will use your phone to stream Photoshop from your PC directly into your eyes (in which case, your phone becomes a touchscreen controller, too).”

Watch it in action below and read the full story