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Reel FX Lets Viewers Get Up Close and Personal with the Aliens in ‘Arrival’ in 360 Video Experience

Reel FX drops viewers into hazmat suits and into a mysterious spacecraft to get up close and personal with the aliens in a new, fully CG, 360° experience with Paramount Pictures and Viacom NEXT for eight-time Oscar-nominated film Arrival. The immersive experience was launched in conjunction with the Blu-ray release of the film and allows viewers to enter the world of the sci-fi drama.  

Reel FX, led by creative director Colin McGreal, paid great attention and care to recreating the tone and setting of the film’s centerpiece – the alien ship. The Reel FX team leveraged development models and images from production designer Patrice Vermette and set decorator Paul Hotte to maintain the elegance of the film and the integrity of the mythical linguistics at the core of the plot. Paramount provided the team with a full library of the ink symbols used as a means of communication in the film. Reel FX used them to composite several moments from the film together to provide a dynamic tapestry of the world of the film in an immersive narrative piece. 

“Our challenge was to seamlessly weave disparate visual and audio moments of the film into a single experiential journey. Our priority, as major fans, was to recreate and preserve the elegant design and tone that made the film unique,” says Reel FX. 

Watch it below.