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VR Documentary Series Is a Sign of a Medium Maturing

Producer June Cohen speaks to


about developing

The Possible

, the new VR documentary series that explores scientific breakthroughs and is made in partnership with Within, GE, Mashable and the Sloan Foundation.

This is possibly the first documentary series filmed in VR. Nobody else has taken that step to create a series, which to me is an essential part of a medium maturing because a series is a way to build an ongoing audience,” says Cohen. “What we set out to do was try to capture the most extraordinary, exciting, and immersive breakthroughs that are happening in science and technology. And to cover them in a way that really allows the viewer to not just watch or hear a story, but to feel like they’ve been there, like they’ve really experienced something.”

“VR was a huge draw for me because I love working in new mediums. I love the challenge of figuring out what happens to storytelling when it meets a new medium,” she adds.

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