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YouTube Brings Live-Streaming to Its Mobile App

YouTube is bringing live-streaming functionality–which has been available on its desktop site since 2011–to its mobile app. Popular YouTube influencers, or any channel that has more than 10,000 subscribers, will be the first to get the functionality rolled out to them.

Live-streaming is built directly into the YouTube mobile app underneath the “Capture” button, and streamed videos will have all the same features as regular YouTube videos including being found via search, recommendations, or playlists. As YouTube explains on their blog, “W

e’ve been working hand-in-hand with hundreds of creators to refine the mobile streaming experience while they

stream from a boat


take live calls from their fans

. Based on their feedback, we did things like slowing down live chat (it turns out receiving 2,000 messages per second is a little too fast!) and pushing for better streaming quality across devices.”

YouTube has also rolled out a new live-streaming monetization feature called Super Chat that allows fans to pay for pinned chat messages during a stream.

Watch YouTube creator Alex Wassabi introduce YouTube live-streaming below.