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Facebook and Google Battle for Mobile VR Dominance


‘s Anshel Sag delves into Facebook and Google’s battle for mobile VR dominance.

He writes, “

While everyone obsesses over whether


, Oculus or


sold more virtual reality (VR) headsets last year,




 have been waging a silent platform war. This war of platforms ultimately comes down to the inherent belief that smartphone VR is going to be the primary driver of VR volumes. Facebook’s objective is to drive down the cost of VR to the lowest price possible to enable social VR experiences without affecting the experience. Google’s objective is to enable as many of their partners to make Daydream handsets, so that they can ship as many VR devices as possible to reach similar critical mass that Android has today. Both companies want as many headsets using their software as possible, since the bigger marketplace generally gets the most developer support.”

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