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How Hyundai Shot and Cut a Super Bowl Ad During the Game

Hyundai’s “A Better Super Bowl” ad aired right after Sunday’s game and was a technological feat. The entire thing was shot and edited during the game itself.

The ad featured three soldiers stationed in Poland who got the surprise of a lifetime when they were taken to 360-degree pods to watch a live-stream of the game. When they looked around, they realized that they were virtually sitting next to members of their families, who were also watching the game from within the stadium.

“Everything you have to do in three months for a normal ad we did in about 48 minutes,” Eric Springer, CCO of agency Interocean, tells Adweek. “We had to be very decisive, which agencies aren’t generally known for and by halftime we had a cut. Then a Fox Sports guy, an NFL guy and two Department of Defense people sat in the trailer, watched it and said, ‘We love it.’”

Watch the spot, directed by Peter Berg, below and read the full story here.